Reflections of Cappagh

“within the sound of the bell”

Launch of Reprinted Second Edition


Due to the success of the first edition of the book, the Society had many requests to reprint the book to make it available once more.

The Society had published its first edition in 2013 and this new edition contains all of the material from the first print with the opportunity taken to add in some additional material. The book is full colour and has 355 pages.

New material has been added which documents some recent activity within the community.  The work of local voluntary group Friends of the Glens and the initiative they took to restore Gortnagarn Well and renewed the Rylagh lime Kiln is documented. Their efforts and actions have developed a renew sense of community in the area. The lives and times of Louis and Maisie Marshall have been added, noting that they were the last persons to be buried in Cappagh Old Graveyard. As we remember the 100th Anniversary of the Great War we are grateful to Omagh poet Felim O'Neill for his contribution of two reflective poems.

The impetus for the formation of this Society 10 years ago was to seek the preservation of the old Cappagh Church and graveyard at Dunmullan and we are grateful to Irish World for permission to publish in this edition the gravestone inscriptions which they recorded in the 1990s.

The opportunity was taken to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the society and it continues to seek its goal of the preservation of the 14th Century Cappagh Church and Graveyard at Dunmullan. The original Cappagh Bell, dating from the 9th Century, is in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin.


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Samuel Irwin reading his poem marking the restoration of the Lime Kiln at Rylagh.

Volunteers and locals at the recently restored well at Gortnagarn.

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